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Useful Links for October 7th through October 15th

October 15th, 2009 by Thomas
  • Agriculture critic’s appearance angers university alumni — – At the University of Wisconsin, where his book was part of a campus-wide reading project, a state farm bureau official called him "narrow and elitist," saying that he "sees an evil empire behind every item in your refrigerator." At Washington State University, an alumnus dug into his own pocket to pay for Pollan's appearance after a similar reading was canceled.

    "It's part of what appears to be a more aggressive industry push-back against critics of industrial agriculture," Pollan said.

  • The Farm Blog: Thoughts from Joel – Anyone who thinks the heritage based, nutrient dense, pasture-based, low-energy, life-honoring model is winning has not kept up with the new attacks from corporate food. As long as our side stays below 1 percent of the food supply, we're just an annoying gnat. But as people drop
    out of industrial food, the food lord elitists ensconced in their corporate castles unleash their campaign to marginalize, demonize, and criminalize us.
  • U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time
  • Greg Mankiw’s Blog: Medicare and Freedom

Useful Links for August 28th through September 15th

September 15th, 2009 by Thomas
  • Food Renegade » Blog Archive » Eating Real Food On A Budget
  • The Farm Blog: Joel responds – The poor people question is the second most frequently asked question
    after "can we feed the world?" So let's
    address it.
  • Greg Mankiw’s Blog: Where’s the beef? – Translation: "I promise to fix the problem. And if I do not fix the problem now, I will fix it later, or some future president will, after I am long gone. I promise he will. Absolutely, positively, I am committed to that future president fixing the problem. You can count on it. Would I lie to you?"
  • Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis: Obama Wins Health Care Debate – In his Speech Obama was critical of the amount Bush spent on the war. Wait a second. Isn't Obama the peace president? If so where are the troops? Obama stated this will not add a penny to the deficit. If so, why do we have a $trillion deficit. The answer is we count only what we want to count. This is a criticism of both parties, not just Democrats.

    Obama reiterated his idea that everyone must participate in a "Government Knows Best" mandate. He did not say what that will mean in terms of costs to generation Y, the Millennials.

    What's clear is generation Y and the wealthy will be subsidizing everyone else in socialized medical scheme. Some will agree with the idea, others not, but Obama pretends the issue isn't there. Obama also pretends this is not socialized medicine.

  • One Man’s Trash … – – Indeed, city officials worked closely with Mr. Phillips in 2004 to set up a recycled building materials warehouse where builders, demolition crews and building product manufacturers can drop off items rather than throwing them in a landfill. There’s no dumping fee and donations are tax deductible because the materials are used exclusively by charitable groups or for low-income housing.
  • Do Jews Have a Divine Right in the Promised Land? :: Desiring God Christian Resource Library – But neither of these Biblical facts leads necessarily to the endorsement of present-day Israel as the rightful possessor of all the disputed land. Israel may have such a right. And she may not. But that decision is not based on divine privilege. Why?
  • ‘Reading Rainbow’ Reaches Its Final Chapter : NPR

Useful Links for July 2nd through August 24th

August 25th, 2009 by Thomas
  • Joel Salatin Testimony – April 17, 2008 – House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
  • John Mackey: The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare – – Rather than increase government spending and control, we need to address the root causes of poor health. This begins with the realization that every American adult is responsible for his or her own health.
  • Greg Mankiw’s Blog: CBO and I agree
  • Op-Ed Columnist – Something for Nothing – – We’ve built an entire health care system (maybe an entire government) on the illusion of something for nothing. Instead of tackling that basic logic, we’ve got a reform process that is trying to evade it.

    This would be bad enough in normal times. But the country is already careening toward fiscal ruin. We’ve already passed a nearly $800 billion stimulus package. The public debt is already projected to double over the next 10 years.

    Health care reform is important, but it is not worth bankrupting the country over. If this process goes as it has been going — with grand rhetoric and superficial cost containment — then we will be far better off killing this effort and starting over in a few years. Maybe then there will be leaders willing to look at the options staring them in the face.

Useful Links for June 3rd through June 15th

June 15th, 2009 by Thomas

These are some links for June 3rd through June 15th. Enjoy!

  • The Real Sins of Sodom | Cerulean Sanctum
    1. Pride
    2. Excess food
    3. Prosperous ease
    4. Lack of love for the poor and needy
    5. Haughtiness
    6. Practicing an abomination
  • » Blog Archive » On Being Too God-Centered
    – What Bach was able to sign at the end of each piece of music….can it be signed on all of human life? Even what is not religious? What is ordinary? Normal? Merely human? When Piper says we can drink Orange juice to the glory of God, is he opening the door to finding a way for God-centered theologians and preachers to relax about people who want to do dozens and dozens of other things, in their own simple, human way, to the glory of God? My thoughts are incomplete, but important to me at this point in my journey. I believe the glory of God preserves and fills human life with meaning and significance. I do not believe that meaning and significance only comes when we overtly, consciously allow our sense of God to make all things meaningless compared to Him.
  • Perry’s Meddling – “This is likely to touch off speculation, or perhaps I should say more speculation, that the removal of Murano is part of a Plan B strategy for Perry. Plan A is to continue running for governor against Hutchison. But if it looks as if that is not going well — that Perry might lose the primary or even a general election, if the Democrats can field a serious candidate — then Plan B would be for McKinney to do what he said he was contemplating: combine the offices of president and chancellor in the short term and keep a place warm for Perry. “
  • Most important crisis at A&M since Earl Rudder – ” … this crisis is about whether the faculty, staff, students, former students and the broad and diverse community that make up Texas A&M University will allow a handful of politically motivated persons who do not understand their fiduciary duty either to the institution or to the citizens of the state to take over this wonderful, heavy-duty public university – this sacred public trust. If they are successful, Texas and its citizens can kiss a unique American institution goodbye. It will have no chance of ever achieving its vast potential.”

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  • On Second Thought — Why Mother’s Day is a Bad Idea
    “Mother’s Day is a bad idea because it subverts the reality of faithful mothering and robs faithful mothers of their true glory. Mothers deserving of honor are handed cards and taken to lunch, when songs of praise should instead be offered to the glory of God. Undeserving mothers, who abdicate their true responsibility, are honored just because they are mothers. Children, young and old, who ignore and dishonor their mothers by word and by life throughout the year, assuage their guilt by making a big deal of Mother’s Day.”
  • Why Mow? The Case Against Lawns
    “The more serious about gardening I became, the more dubious lawns seemed. The problem for me was not, as it was for my father, the relation to my neighbors that a lawn implied; it was the lawn’s relationship to nature. For however democratic a lawn may be with respect to one’s neighbors, with respect to nature it is authoritarian. Under the mower’s brutal indiscriminate rotor, the landscape is subdued, homogenized, dominated utterly. I became convinced that lawn care had about as much to do with gardening as floor waxing, or road paving. Gardening was a subtle process of give and take with the landscape, a search for some middle ground between culture and nature. A lawn was nature under culture’s boot.”
  • George F. Will – The Obama Administration’s Adventures in Running Chrysler and General Motors –
    “It is Demagoguery 101 to identify an unpopular minority to blame for problems. The president has chosen to blame “speculators” — a.k.a. investors; anyone who buys a share of a company’s stock is speculating about the company’s future — for Chrysler’s bankruptcy and the dubious legality of his proposal. Yet he simultaneously says he hopes that private investors will begin supplanting government as a source of capital for the companies. Breathes there an investor/speculator with such a stunted sense of risk that he or she would go into business with this capricious government?”
  • My Christian Brothers, Leave Government and Cleave Unto Liberty by Jim Fedako
    “My Christian Brothers, we have to break free from the state. We must stop looking to the next election and the Republican Party as our salvation. And we must stop using the sword of government for our purposes. ‘For all who take the sword will perish by the sword.'”

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  • Monopoly Killer: Perfect German Board Game Redefines Genre
  • The Quiet Coup – The Atlantic – But these various policies—lightweight regulation, cheap money, the unwritten Chinese-American economic alliance, the promotion of homeownership—had something in common. Even though some are traditionally associated with Democrats and some with Republicans, they all benefited the financial sector. Policy changes that might have forestalled the crisis but would have limited the financial sector’s profits—such as Brooksley Born’s now-famous attempts to regulate credit-default swaps at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, in 1998—were ignored or swept aside.
  • George F. Will – The Toxic Assets We Elected – NAFTA, like all treaties, is the "supreme law of the land." So says the Constitution. It is, however, a cobweb constraint on a Congress that, ignoring the document's unambiguous stipulations that the House shall be composed of members chosen "by the people of the several states," is voting to pretend that the District of Columbia is a state. Hence it supposedly can have a Democratic member of the House and, down the descending road, two Democratic senators. Congress rationalizes this anti-constitutional willfulness by citing the Constitution's language that each house shall be the judge of the "qualifications" of its members and that Congress can "exercise exclusive legislation" over the District. What, then, prevents Congress from giving House and Senate seats to Yellowstone National Park, over which Congress exercises exclusive legislation? Only Congress's capacity for embarrassment. So, not much.
  • Voddie Baucham Ministries – [P]ersons are generally very liberal of their invectives against the clergy, and think they justly blame the conduct of that minister who does not take heed to and watch over the flock, of which the Holy Ghost has made him overseer: but may not every governor of a family, be in a lower degree liable to the same censure, who takes no thought for those souls that are committed too his charge? For every house is as it were a little parish, every governor… a priest, every family a flock; and if any of them perish through the governor’s neglect, their blood will God require at their hands. (George Whitefield, “The Great Duty of Family Religion”)

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