January in Our Home

January 31st, 2011 by Rachel

We had a fun-filled month here in the Supercinski household this January. We got back into the swing of doing school after having several weeks off around the holidays, though we were consistent with math and phonics lessons. The kids have been enjoying all of their new Christmas gifts, especially the little in-house trampoline my grandparents helped us get them for Christmas. Bud has been keeping very busy building and creating things in his room while listening to books on CD, and Sugar loves to dress up and hates having to change to go out.

I hosted a reunion for one of my latest Bradley classes, and it was so much fun to get to meet all those beautiful babies. I was able to attend my final birth as part of my doula-training requirements, and it was a really great birth, even with pitocin and breaking her water early, she did amazing. I just need to buckle down and write some papers and then I can submit all my work and get certified soon. I don’t intend to help at a so many births, but it something I enjoy doing and hope to continue doing as our family circumstances allow.

I’m thinking about doing just a monthly update and tossing the books in that section, we’ll see how long it lasts. I only read one book this month, but I have a good excuse.
Uncharted by Angela Hunt – this is a Christian fiction book that I cannot remember where I heard it recommended, but I did, so I read it. It was fairly well written, and it tells the story of a group of friends from college that reunite 15 years later. They end up going on a trip to build a school in a remote island, but are shipwrecked along the way. The rest of the story follows the story of Lazarus and the rich man from Luke 16. It was interesting and thought-provoking, and would make an interesting book club selection.

Merry Christmas!

December 23rd, 2010 by Rachel

For those of you who did not get our Christmas card, you can consider this your online version, along with a bonus mini-letter.

This year has been a wonderful year for our family. We began homeschooling Bud in pre-K/Kindergarten and have enjoyed all the changes and community that have come along with it. Bud is almost five years old, and keeps himself busy with blocks, cars, and drawing. Sugar is two-and-a-half and enjoys playing with babies, changing clothes, accessorizing, and coloring. Thomas continues to enjoy his job and expanding our garden season-by-season. I have taught 20 couples this year in childbirth classes, gotten certified as a lactation educator and been able to serve in the community teaching free breastfeeding classes. I have also been able to attend a few births this year as a doula-in-training. The Lord has been so good to us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to any blog readers that have stuck around this year!

Protected: College Friends Weekend

June 22nd, 2010 by Rachel

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Protected: Unwelcome Visitor

May 10th, 2010 by Rachel

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2000s in Review

January 4th, 2010 by Rachel

I saw this on my friend, Megan’s, blog, and I thought it was so interesting that I had to do it myself. Our blog tends to be a little kid-focused these days, so perhaps this will give some of you a bit more information about me than you ever wanted to know.

Celebrated Y2K asleep in a recliner at my best friends’ house on my first outing after back surgery.
Spent about four months in a fog recovering from said surgery.
Started my freshman year at Texas A&M University, majoring in education, thinking I was going to be a math teacher or go to nursing school.

Spent spring break in London.
Decided teaching wasn’t really what I was supposed to do, changed my major to community health intending to go to nursing school someday.
Spent eight weeks in Nepal that summer. Got worms, made some great friends, experienced an earthquake and was robbed at gunpoint by Maoist rebels who stole all our stuff and attempted to burn down the house I was staying in. It was a life-changing summer, if you couldn’t tell by my brief description.

Junior year of college, got really involved in the college ministry at our church, met Thomas and made more wonderful friends.
Applied to a bunch of nursing schools to transfer to a BSN program. Didn’t get into a single one though my grades were really good. God firmly closed that door, though it was shocking to me at the time.

Lived with a wonderful family who taught me a ton about marriage and family.
Thomas and I started dating in November.

Internship at Hope Pregnancy Center the semester before graduation.
Thomas and I got engaged in August.
Graduated in December.

Thomas and I were married on January 8th. Had an awesome two-week honeymoon in Paris.
Found out we were pregnant in early May.
Bought a house in September.

Bud was born in February.
Made some great mom friends who helped in the transition to motherhood.

Lived it up with one kids and lots of fun friends (that picture is horrible, but one of the few I have of most everyone.)
Started training to become a Bradley Method childbirth instructor.
Found out I was pregnant with Sugar in October.

Sugar was born in May.
Became fully certified as a Bradley instructor.

Enjoying life with two beautiful kids and a wonderful husband.

Protected: Around Here

December 7th, 2009 by Rachel

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Keeps Me Running

October 22nd, 2009 by Rachel

I am hoping to run the White Rock Half Marathon in December. There are a few reasons I am really excited to run this specific race. One being that I got to cheer on Thomas as he ran the full marathon when we first started dating six years ago, and the other that the race benefits Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC). TSRHC provides extremely high quality medical care for children with orthopedic problems and dyslexia, all free of charge. TSRHC is very near and dear to my heart, quite literally, but more like my spinal region than my heart.

I found out I had scoliosis in junior high, and I was treated at TSRHC for several years, ultimately having a rod placed in my spine to straighten me out. The care I received at TSRHC was amazing (and free!), and I am so thankful for all they did for me. I want to start giving a little back through this race and any sponsorships I receive.

The half marathon I hope to run is only three days before the tenth anniversary of my back surgery. Cool, huh? All that to say, if you feel like sponsoring me in my race and donating to TSRHC, just go here. Thanks!

Some of you may be shocked to hear that I am hoping to run a half marathon since I’m not much of a long-distance runner. This spring, I had a really difficult time getting the kids to sleep at the same time so that I could have time to workout. So I started jogging with them in the jogging stroller. As my friend Sally says, jogging is one of the fastest ways to burn a lot of calories while your kids are awake. So true!

When I first started jogging again in April, I could barely run for two miles (with both kids), but kept with it and began jogging two or three miles most days a week. This continued through the summer, and somewhere in the middle of all of that, I started to enjoy running more. Which brings me to seven weeks ago when I decided to train for a half marathon–13.1 miles from a gal who barely finished the last 10K (6 miles) I attempted in college. Training is going great. I love my alone time running longer distances. I think running with kids in the jogging stroller got me in shape so that running alone is so much easier.

Protected: Austin Mini-Vacation

October 5th, 2009 by Rachel

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Composting Class Closed

September 15th, 2009 by Thomas

The response to the Composting class coming up this Saturday has been great. So good, in fact, that the class is now closed. If you are interested in learning more about compost and composting and didn’t make this class, contact me and I’ll set up another class sometime this fall.

Another Trash to Treasure

September 12th, 2009 by Thomas

At various times the last couple of years having a 6 foot step ladder would have been handy, but I’ve managed to borrow one, improvise, or just do with out. On my Wednesday morning run last week, I came across a wooden 6 foot step ladder on the curb for trash pickup. I didn’t inspect it closely, but went back on my way to work and picked it up. It had one broken back leg that was missing about 5 inches. Otherwise, the ladder was in excellent condition and didn’t appear used much at all. Clearly, this would be an easy fix. I had to contain my excitement.

So, what do you get out of a discarded 6 foot step ladder? After about 45 fun minutes working with your son, lots of instructional measuring and a few cuts, a perfectly useful, roughly 5 foot ladder.