Race Recap

A huge thanks to everyone who supported me through your encouragement and donations to Scottish Rite Hospital in preparation for my first half marathon. It was a fun weekend, and a memorable way to mark the 10th anniversary of my back surgery. As we were packing for the weekend, Bud very seriously gave me a map he drew so I would know where to run in my big race. The circle is the starting point. Such a sweetie!


We made it to Dallas on Friday night and spent Saturday with family and friends. We had a great visit in McKinney with my brothers and sisters-in-law. Sadly, we did not get out the camera, but enjoyed visiting with Jason and Megan, who are expecting their first baby this summer, and with Zach and Paige and their sweet little girls. Our kids spent their time chasing Megan’s cats around. That afternoon, we got to hang out with Erin and Jonathan and their daughter, Cara. I always think Cara reminds me so much of Sugar, and, though she is five months younger, is about her height. Kelly tried to hold them so we could get a picture, but the girls were trying to steal baby dolls from each other. (Speaking of baby doll’s, the eyes are so scary in this one–almost like tapidum lucidum… oh the things you remember from anatomy and dissecting cats for two semesters, but I digress.)


Saturday night was filled with many night wakings and I ended up getting a mere five hours of fitful sleep before the race. Backing up about four weeks, I completed my ten mile run before Thanskgiving, and developed some severe IT band tightness and pain. I attempted to relieve it through rest, minimal running until race day, frequent massage. I kept up the cardio on the elliptical, but was still experiencing a lot of tightness. Throughout the night before the race, my hip was really tight. Thomas took me to the race while Mom and Woody were the heroes of the day and took care of the kids.

I spent all of my warm up time waiting in line for a port-a-potty and made it to my starting carrel about five minutes before the start. The first six miles were great–it was amazing to run with so many people (20,000 had signed up for the race). After mile six, my knee and hip were killing me. I attempted to stretch it several times, but to no avail. Eventually, it tightened up completely. The pain was excruciating and I could only run a few paces before I had to stop. I had to walk the final seven miles. I tried running several times, but my leg would not cooperate. I fought the tears and just focused on finishing in under three hours (my previous goal was 2 hours, 30 minutes). I was in so much pain, and so disappointed in the way things turned out, but I finished, crying as I crossed the line.

I won’t dwell on my disappointment because these things happen, and in the grand scheme of things, this is minor and not something eternal. The highlight of my race, however, was seeing Tracey from this season’s Biggest Loser (I watch it online while I workout). I finished ahead of her, and was and got to wave at her when we passed each other around mile eight.

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