Fall Fun

October 25th, 2013 by Rachel

We have been enjoying the cooler weather by going on lots of field trips, hitting up our favorite parks and frequenting local pumpkin patches.

Our first field trip was to Washington on the Brazos to the museum and Barrington Farms. The kids had a great time, but it was really hot by the time we were on the outside part of the tour. Sugar got a real bonnet that she has worn almost daily since then.

We had another field trip to Royalty Pecan Farms near Caldwell. It was a beautiful day and the kids enjoyed running through the open fields after our hayride tour.

August & September in Our Home

October 25th, 2013 by Rachel

I’m getting more and more lax about updating over here and learning over interest rates. We started back to school in August, beginning by just doing math two days a week, adding in reading and spelling and then increasing slowly to three days a week. By September, we were mostly doing four days a week and ready to start back with Classical Conversations. Bud started fall baseball, and he is loving it.

In the middle of all that, we enjoyed a trip to the bowling ally with friends, Bud got his cast off and we had a few last swim days. I helped at our local birth center’s annual Labor Day party, attended a Labor Day rally for improving maternity services and was even on the local news–it was a slow news day.

Speedy discovered the wonders of coloring on paper, tables, floors, walls and doors. He also became attached to stuffed animals and turned two. He is very much a two year old in every way.