Speedy is 2

It is hard to believe that it has only been two years since Speedy came crashing into our lives, full of life, laughter and intensity. He is our little monkey, climbing on everything he can climb on, and once he stands up on it, yelling, “Ta Da!”

He loves dancing, running in circles around our living room, swinging on swings, climbing on things (did I mention this?), and reading books. He will sit and read books for a long time, often by himself and reciting much of the book (or at least the major word for each page). He also enjoys coloring (known as “green blue!” in Speedy-speak), and playing with trains on the “new” train table we acquired at our own garage sale. He loves all things Curious George, both books and the TV series.

It seems like in the last month, Speedy has had a verbal explosion. We can understand much more what he is trying to say these days, and he is putting together more and more words everyday. Just this morning, when I went to get him out of bed, he said, “ant bite, right there” and pointed to his hand (where there was no ant bite). The cutest things he says are “green-blue” for coloring, remembering the names of all the Thomas trains that came with the train table (he calls Thomas “Tom Choo Choo”), and he calls his sister “Eesey” now.

It is true what they say about third children often becoming the clown of the family. Everything Speedy does is met with giggles, repeats, and more repeats. He is turning into quite the little showman.

Speedy is so full of energy and at quite a demanding age. He has a need/want and it must be met immediately. He doesn’t understand abstract ideas such as “later” or “wait”. This can lead to lots of tantrums and crying when he sees my phone and wants to play with it, glimpses a snack in the pantry he wants or decides he would rather read books and play trains than get in the car. Not my favorite part about parenting a toddler, but he can be a lot of fun.

He sleeps about 12 hours at night and naps for about two hours during the day. He started climbing out of the crib a few months ago, so he now enjoys the comforts of a crib tent keeping him from climbing out. His favorite foods are typical toddler fare–nuggets, noodles, crackers and fruit, but he also really loves cauliflower (he calls it “flower-flower”), sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, peas, broccoli, green beans and other veggies. He can eat half a head of cauliflower at one dinner some nights.

Speedy, we love you dearly. You are so much fun, and I love to hear your laughter. We are so thankful for these two years with you, Bubby!

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