June & July in Our Home

We enjoyed slow-paced and relaxing months this summer. We started June by participating in our local Classical Conversations parent practicum This was three days of encouragement and training for the coming year. I helped lead the Hey Tutor and the foundations tutor training, so there was a lot of preparation going into this three days. It was a great experience, and I was relieved when it was finished.

All the kids had swim lessons for two weeks in June. I have a love-hate relationship with swim lessons. I really appreciate how much Bud learned this year, but the dressing, sun-screening and drying of all the towels and swimsuits starts to feel like a never-ending scorching hot version of Groundhog Day.

Sugar participated in a mini-dance camp while the boys and I enjoyed long bike rides and park playtime while she was away.

There was some unseasonably cooler weather for several days in June, so we spent a lot of time outside, and it wasn’t in the pool!

I “doula-ed” at two hospital births, one in June and one in July. They were both great experiences, and I was so honored to be with each of them. I also started a new Bradley series in July with nine couples.

We had our floors updated in July. We didn’t do it ourselves, but some friends who were on vacation and generously let us house-sit for them while the tile in the kitchen and laundry room was replaced and new tile was placed in the bathrooms. We also had hardwood floors put in the living room.

Around this time, Speedy picked up a tummy bug and then a cold-virus slowly worked its way through our family. As soon as Speedy was well enough to go to the pool again, Bud broke three of the bones in the top of his foot. He started with a walking cast and crutches, but then was upgraded to a waterproof cast. He can put weight on it now and we are even able to go swimming again!


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