January & February in Our Home

Long time, no post. Here’s a quick recap of some of the highlights of January and February with the Supercinskis.

  • Bud played his first season of Upward basketball with Thomas as his team’s coach. They had a blast, and Bud loves all things basketball these days.
  • Bud turned seven and we had a little family birthday party. He got a basketball goal for the driveway. Instead of a party, he requested a family trip to The Woodlands to eat at Five Guys and go to The Woodlands Mall, which he thinks is just amazing. There is a Lego store there, so he had a blast. We enjoyed a low-key celebration.
  • We started meeting with two other families for science activities once a week. This is a nice time to delve deeper into our science memory work and to make messes all at once. The kids get to play afterward, which is their favorite part.
  • We went on a really great field trip to one of the Bryan fire stations. They put the ladder truck up all the way for us, which was really amazing.
  • The kids started digging a huge whole in the unused part of our garden. This has been a lot of fun for them, but quite a mess.
  • I finished another Bradley series and enjoyed a little break in February.
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