Speedy is 18 Months Old!

I have officially abandoned the monthly update for the Speedster. I had hoped to make it to two years doing it, but this poor third child will forever bear the shame of receiving a quarterly update for awhile.

Speedy is a very busy toddler these days. He is running now and it can take me a few seconds to catch him. He thinks it is hilarious to run away from me, and I need to stop playing chase with him because he doesn’t know when it isn’t a good time. He is proficient at climbing up playground structures and going down a slide on his belly. He thinks this step stool is a truck to sit in, not a stool.

He is fascinated by things that go–trucks, cars, buses, tractors, trains, etc. He talks about these thinks all day long. We took a field trip to a fire station earlier this month, and Speedy was so excited, he just ran around the trucks the whole time.

We have had a rough two months with Speedy. He got three molars through his gums (#4 is slowly working its way through now), and it has caused many fussy days and long nights. I never knew when Bud was getting a tooth until I saw it in his mouth. Sugar had a more difficult time, but it meant she woke up more frequently for a couple days during the worst of it. But Speedy takes the cake with teething issues. I tried everything I could think of, but thankfully, his daytime crabbiness is lessening and he isn’t waking as frequently at night. On top of all that, he had an ear infection earlier this month. Poor baby!

Speedy is talking a lot these days. Some of his words include: sock, shoe, pants, hat, eye, mouth, hand, tickle (this means belly), high (this means swing), tractor, truck, backhoe, trash truck, digger, dump truck, bus, car, sit, chair, yummy (said “me” when he is hungry), mine, nana (banana), cheese, fish, hot, ouch, no, momma, da-da, Ya-Ya (brother), Eess (sister), ball, b-ball (basketball), strawberry. He has other sounds/gibberish that he says for other things like a tongue-click that means cup, and he can communicate very well by pointing and such.

He will eat as much, if not more than his big sister at many meals. He has quite an appetite, and he snacks often throughout the day. I don’t know how I fed my other two without those baby food pouches. They are so handy when we are out and about! He still nurses 2-3 times a day.

Speedy keeps us laughing and smiling at his cuteness. I love this age and getting to hear more of what he is thinking about. He loves to dance if there is music on and will now watch a little of a movie, especially if it is about trucks. He even started singing some songs this month. You have to know what you are listening for because he only sings two words of them, but it is so cute. We sure love our little guy!

One Response to “Speedy is 18 Months Old!”

  1. He is filled with such zest for life. I enjoyed watching his truck obsession at the fire station. It was very cute.