December in Our Home

We upgraded to a new camera after a Black Friday sale we couldn’t resist. Our old camera was purchased before we got married, and the quality of pictures has steadily declined. (I blame the children.) This month, we took twice as many pictures as we took in any other month. Of course, December is full of picture-taking opportunities, but still… this post has a lot of pictures. Click on any to enlarge them.

We went on several nature walks during the first part of December when the weather was gorgeous. We have been learning about plants and classifications of living things, and the kids have really enjoyed the nature walks. Bud was determined to catch a butterfly, but found lots of caterpillars instead.

The kids also ran in their first race, a one mile kid’s race as part of the BCS Marathon. They both finished and had a blast, though training for it had its highs and lows.

December was full of parties–end of CC semester party, a CC review day party, our PE co-op Christmas party, Thomas’ company’s Christmas party, and Christmas celebrations with my mom, Woody and siblings, my dad, Gigi, and sister, Thomas’ parents, and our little family on Christmas day. Whew! We also drove through Santa’s Wonderland one night (Speedy sat in the drivers seat and had a blast), and we walked through Christmas at the Creek one night. While visiting my mom, we spent a morning in Tyler catching up with our friends, the Eylers. (It was so much fun to see you guys!)

Christmas with kids is a lot of fun, and I enjoyed seeing them soak up more about the meaning of Christmas–God with us. Our tree was typical of one with a toddler in the house, no ornaments on the bottom three feet, though Speedy was often found standing on one of the presents he drug out from under the tree in order to be able to reach an ornament.

We also harvested a measly crop of sweet potatoes (we didn’t water enough), and have had lots of broccoli and lettuce. Did I mention we got a new camera and took a ton of pictures?

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