Speedy is 15 Months Old

Time is flying with Speedster. He has one speed–go, and he seems to do everything with a lot of gusto. He is so much fun these days and keeps us on our toes and in stitches, to use a few cliches.

We had pictures done with Shannon Morton last month, and I am in awe of her ability to get so many great shots with such a busy boy. More to come later.

Some new things for Speedy this month include:
-mastering climbing onto the coffee table (though I am trying to thwart this by putting him in bulky cloth diapers and tight blue jeans. It really works.)
-climbing ladders well including the big kids’ bunk bed ladder
-taking one nap most days (we had only one two nap day in the last week)
-mastering a wealth of animal sounds including crocodiles chomping, seals barking and whales singing
-new words: sit, car, backhoe, backpack, shoes. He makes a slurping sound for cup/drink and says “choo choo” for train
-blowing kisses with a big “Mwah!” to cars driving by or anyone saying good-bye
-still loving to read books and he will sit for ages if you are reading to him

Another milestone this month was that Speedy learned to sit in the shopping cart without standing up. Ever since he was about 8-9 months old, this kid figured out how to roll himself over in the shopping cart seat and stand up with the belt tightly around his waist. This led to me having to wear him on my back for every shopping trip (and have my ponytail tugged constantly). Anyway, I am enjoying not having a monkey on my back in the grocery store.

We have gone on several nature walks this month, and Speedy is content to ride in the Beco backpack for most of the time, and then he explores right along with the big kids, dragging a huge stick around just like them.

He bit Sugar on the arm last week. I think he has had enough of her pestering him and is asserting himself over her more.

He loves anything that goes–cars, trucks, trains, construction equipment, tractors, airplanes, buses. I let him watch a few little videos on the ipad so I could clip his fingernails, and now, if he sees the ipad, he starts whining and begging for “backhoes.”

We had a rough few weeks of sleep with Speedy with three or more night wakings some nights. Previously, he had one or two, which I could handle but three or more was taxing. I am not sure if it was caused by a low fever he ran for a day or two, the transition to one nap, or teething (he still only has 8 teeth), but whatever it was, he seems to have turned a corner.

He is making his sound for camel as we were waiting in line to pet one at the WorldFest earlier this month.

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