Speedy is 14 Months Old!

And Speedy he is running, climbing on everything, and talking up a storm. He is learning something new everyday. Some of his latest skills include:
-climbing up the ladder of our fort. DANGER! We need to build some sort of barricade or he cannot play outside until he is 2.5
-giving high-fives
-signing and making a sound for “airplane”
-saying “Moo, baa, la, la, la”
-giving kisses and hugs on command
-sitting in big chairs for a minute at a time
-riding on Sister’s bike and being pushed around the block
-dragging random objects up and down the sidewalk

He spends his “free” time as I attempt to teach the older kids, cook, or clean the house reading books or slowly rearranging our entire house, one object at a time. Speedy thinks toothpaste should be in the laundry room, cups in bedrooms, and books in the bathtubs. I’m thankful I have two little helpers that have to clean up after him before they can have tv time. Mwah ha ha! (That was a maniacal laugh, in case you couldn’t tell.)

Speedy is making the transition from two naps a day to one nap. He will take a great morning nap, but then won’t nap in the afternoon, which is when Sugar naps, Bud has quiet reading time, and I get to fold laundry or nap in peace. So, we have attempted one nap a day more often this month, and it works better some days than others. He can do it every other day, otherwise he gets very crabby.

He loves to look at books. He also loves trucks (which is what he calls everything from cars to diggers to tractors). His favorite foods are chicken nuggets, fruit, crackers and broccoli. Broccoli is one of the only veggies he eats these days, and he will eat so much of it. Otherwise, he gets his veggies from baby food pouches.

Speedy makes some really adorable animal sounds. He will moo like a cow, pant like a dog, tweet like a bird, bang his chest like a gorilla, growl like a lion, and spit like a camel. It is so cute!

I really enjoy this age of toddlerhood where he is learning so much and able to express what he is thinking. Apparently, Speedy thinks about dogs, trucks, hats and Daddy almost constantly. The downside of this age of toddlerhood is the beginning of expressing his opinion by throwing mini-fits and throwing food off of his tray.

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