Speedy is 13 Months Old

I am playing catch up on blog posts today, but wanted to remember some of Speedy’s milestones this month before I forget. Speedy is hilarious and we spend a lot of time laughing at his antics. Some his latest skills include:
-making animal sounds–for a dog he sticks his tongue out and pants, he will tweet like a bird, and growl when he sees a picture of a lion or dinosaur
-sitting for long periods of time looking through board books
-climbing up stairs
-climbing on small chairs/stools
-blowing kisses
-giving hugs (mostly to stuffed animals)
-being unreliable in nap-taking (some days he fights one of his naps, fun!)

Speedy loves being outside, and he would play in the garage, driveway or backyard all day long if he could. Speedy’s words include: bye-bye, nigh-nigh, ball, Daddy, Momma, Ya-Ya (brother), Ees (sister), truck, car, poo-poo. Twice this month he told me he had a dirty diaper by walking up and saying “poo-poo”. I was shocked.

He is a fairly good eater, except he barely eats breakfast. This makes for a very grumpy boy who has to get out of the house in the morning so he will eat Cheerios while riding in the stroller. He refuses to be spoon-fed anything, but I can occasionally get him to suck on some baby food through those new baby food containers (pure genius).

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