September in Our Home

September was a whirlwind of a month for us with our Classical Conversations group starting back for the year. I am tutoring Bud’s class which is a lot of fun and sugar is in a big kid class, too. Our PE Co-op also began, thus homeschooling is going full-force. We started reading Story of the World about ancient times. We even made some little caveman wall paintings.

Thomas spent a week in Canada for work. It was our first week of CC and PE, but we survived! To help pass the time, we did fun things like getting yogurt in the afternoon.

Thomas celebrated another birthday. He is still a kid at heart, as you can see. The kids were really sweet and put together a whole shoe box of presents for him–stickers, their favorite crayons, pencils, drawings galore. It was really sweet.

We had dinner with some of our international student friends. They took us to a Korean restaurant (they aren’t Korean), and we had a lot of fun trying new foods and catching up about our summers.

We enjoyed the cooler weather and ate dinner outside one night until the mosquitoes drove us inside.

Thomas and Bud built a bird feeder in the backyard. The kids planted many of the sunflower seeds in their sand toys and many have sprouted. The feeder attracted a cardinal several times, but now the seeds have been consumed by a squirrel, hanging from the branch by his tail.

Sugar built a high chair for her baby, who enjoyed some scrambled eggs one morning.

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