Speedy Video

September 17th, 2012 by Rachel

I just realized our computer has Windows Movie Maker, so this is what I did instead of folding laundry. Enjoy!

Speedy’s Latest Trick

September 17th, 2012 by Rachel

He figured this out all by himself. Since he is very fast and sneaky about it, we decided to move the chairs for now.

Cleaning Confessions

September 14th, 2012 by Rachel

For those of you who have reading this blog since it’s inception 7.5 years ago, you may recall the string of green cleaning recipes I posted ages ago, back when Bud was a wee tot and I had all the time in the world to clean the house and tweak cleaning recipes. I got this email from a reader-friend:

If you’re up for it and have time, can you revisit your cleaning routines on your blog? Or I suppose you could just email me if you don’t want to write a post. Long ago when I first started reading your blog, you posted about green cleaning and your routine. But that was when you only had one child, I think. So, I’m curious how things have changed. Because I’m trying to figure it out with two children. And, I kind of wonder if the house will just be messy for the next 18 years. You seem to be a tidy person but you also don’t seem irritated that Speedy is always making messes. Have you had to dial down your expectations for the state of your home?

I spent a day at my friend’s house who used to work as a Maid Complete in Kansas City, seeing the way her house is set up and how she cleaned even when I was there, got me thinking. I have had to change my cleaning routines over the years, and I don’t hold nearly as I high of a standard as I did back when I first started blogging in both cleaning routines and using all-natural cleaners. Read more »

August in Our Home

September 5th, 2012 by Rachel

I have done a much better job documenting some of our bigger events in August (the Supercinskiad, Speedy’s birthday, my new pull-up bar), so this is light on pictures.

August seemed to fly by as we spent many days at the pool and hanging out with friends. I felt like I finally mastered our summer routine: park after breakfast before it is too hot, home for Speedy’s nap and school with Bud and Sugar, errand or trip to the pool, home for lunch and more naps, hang out or errands until dinner and bedtime. Sugar is swimming really well these days and loves to dive into the pool. She can swim at least 10 yards to me, then take a breath and head back to the wall. She likes to pretend to be Missy Franklin, and Bud holds a noodle in front of her as she swims to be the world record line.

I spent the last few weeks of August easing into our transition back to full-time school. I continued math, reading and spelling a few days a week during the summer so that Bud wouldn’t forget everything, and I just recently added science back into the mix. The kids have had a blast with science, and I am really happy that I started early to cover the extra lessons we wouldn’t need later in the year. We made some molds of pawprints and the kids pretended to be scientists for a day in their museum. We observed animals at two local pet stores, charting the invertebrates and vertebrates we saw, and we bought two sea snails to join our goldfish, and we have a gigantic bowl of mealworm larvae living on our kitchen counter. Fun times!

Thanks to the Maid2Match service I was able to free myself up and I spent much of my free time while the kids were sleeping working on lessons plans for the class I am tutoring at Classical Conversations this year and our at-home lessons plans for the fall semester. I really enjoy all the filing, copying, binder-making and such that goes along with this time. The Olympics were a nice time to get stuff done.

We said good-bye to some of our dear friends who moved at the end of August. I am sad to see them go as they have been sweet homeschooling friends.

We also enjoyed a birthday party with another friend who introduced Bud to the wonders of Wii dancing games. He was really good at it, too.

The garden is empty except for sweet potatoes. We are planning our fall garden and looking forward to fresh lettuce again.

I wrapped up another Bradley series of 15 total couples (!!!) and I am thoroughly enjoying a break before the next series begins.

Speedy is 12 Months Old

September 4th, 2012 by Rachel

It is hard to believe that one year has gone by since Speedy joined our family. (Side note: I don’t think a week has gone by that someone hasn’t mentioned his birth story to me.) Speedy is a very happy baby, and he is starting to make his opinions known to our family much more these days through yelling, fussing, and throwing food off his high chair.

At one year, Speedy takes two naps a day, but is having more difficulty falling asleep some days for naps. I have to make sure he is awake by 7 a.m. to maintain that morning nap, and then I often need to wake him from his morning nap to maintain the second nap. I see a transition to one nap a day in the coming months, and while I enjoy the freedom one nap a day brings, I also dread that transition. I am also not sure how we will do much homeschooling when Speedy doesn’t take a morning nap as we currently get the bulk of schooling done during that time.

Speedy loves to run around, getting into things and displacing objects. I found the remote by our toilet a few days ago, my hairbrush in the pantry, and countless toys and shoes spread throughout the house. We have been spending more time outside in the mornings now that Speedy walks everywhere. At the park, a friend called Speedy’s wandering “ignorant mobility”, and I think that is a great description. He is always on the move, not always with a purpose, but moving. He loves to climb up the neighborhood park steps and go down the slide on my lap over and over again, between wandering around.

While he used to be a great eater and eat anything that I put in front of him, Speedy has become very, very picky the last few weeks. If it isn’t fruit (no bananas!), a cracker or some veggies, he is not interested and angry about it. He refuses to let anyone feed him with a spoon, so everything has to be finger foods. He also wants nothing to do with the self-feeding baby food anymore, which leaves him often cranky and hungry. I think it is less to do with being picky and more about not wanting to be confined.

Speedy loves to play with his siblings, and is enjoying Sugar’s antics more these days. They played “school” together in the laundry room for some time the other day. I found Speedy, sitting in his “desk” (one of the kids shoe boxes) and “learning”.

I decided it was time for Speedy to have a bit more of a drastic haircut, since the hair on his neck was getting very long and thick. Since I cut Thomas’ and Bud’s hair, I figured I would do Speedy’s in similar fashion: clippers. However, it was a bit more drastic than I wanted it to be, but we are getting used to it. He looks like quite a big boy these days. One of the pictures below shows how much hair was cut off.