Olympic Funnies

Thomas and I both really enjoy the Olympics, but we do not have cable. No cable in our neck of the woods means that with an antenna, you pick up two local stations (CBS and CW) and three PBS stations (KAMU, an all PBS-kids station–not complaining, and the National Weather Service station). During the 2004 Olympics, we were able to watch the Olympics on my roommate’s cable and nice, leather couches. After we got married, we didn’t even have a TV for the first three years. For the 2008 Olympics, Thomas sweetly rigged up a wire taped to a window that miraculously picked up fuzzy NBC. Now that we have older kids, we wanted them to be able to watch the Olympics. Some of my favorite memories as a kid are laying on my parents bed all day long, watching Kim Zmeskal do gymnastics, then attempting to do it myself. And during the winter Olympics, we would watch figure skating and then attempt to figure skate around the house, with jumping spins and all.

Anyway, all that to say, we got two months of cable (free installation!) so we could watch the Olympics. And we have. the kids have asked, “Are we watching the Olympics AGAIN tonight?” with a whiny voice more than once. Don’t worry, the cable will be cancelled soon. I have tried surfing through the scores and scores of stations available several times to find that there really is nothing worth watching.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the kids during the Thirtieth Olympiad:

Me: “What do you think of fencing?”
Bud: “It is cool, but not that cool. I thought they would be stabbing each other for real.”

Me: “That skeet shooting sure was neat, huh?”
Bud: “Yeah, but I really thought they would be shooting each other. That would be better.”

Sugar, after watching one of the track races and listening to the announcer say something about Carl Lewis: “Carl Lewis…. Carl Lewis… Carl Lewis… that is the name of one of my boy dolls!”

Sugar: “When I grow up to be big enough to drive, I am going to be in the Olympics! I will swim, dive, do gymnastics, and run really fast.”

In celebration of the Olympics, we held the 6th Supercinskiad. Post with lots of pictures forthcoming.

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