A New Year of Homeschooling

Bud is starting first grade, and Sugar is doing a little more school this year than the last two years where she basically played and colored. This is what is on our plates for this year:

Reading/Phonics – All About Reading Pre-Level 1 – We have been working in this for a few weeks now, and it is very appropriate for her reading level. We are working on letter recognition, sounds and handwriting.

Handwriting – Handwriting Without Tears and various activities (stickers, playdough, gluing)

Math – We are working on skip counting songs, counting, number recognition and writing numbers. So far, this has been through a few workbooks, but I plan to start doing Saxon 1 with her once or twice a week starting later this winter.

Geography, Grammar, History, Timeline, Latin, Science – She will be participating in a Classical Conversations class this year and will be working on memorizing her weekly memory work through CC and at home. In addition, she will completing many activities with Bud to supplement our weekly history and science.

Reading – We are working through Explode the Code Level 5, a few sheets a week. He also reads chapter books to himself and some aloud to me (A to Z Mysteries, Magic Tree House).

Spelling – Bud just finished All About Spelling Level 1 and will be starting Level 2 next week. I love this curriculum!

Math – Bud is already almost a third of the way through with Saxon Math 3. He made some great progress over the summer with speed and consistency with math facts. Math is one of his favorite subjects.

Language Arts – First Language Lessons by Susan Wise Bauer. We have been doing a few of these lessons a week with both Sugar and Bud. He is memorizing poetry, practicing narration and learning more grammar.

Geography, Timeline, Grammar, Latin, Math, History, Science – memory work through Classical Conversations

History – we will supplement our CC weekly history sentence with readings from Story of the World and various activities to go along with them. I have lots of fun activities on Pinterest.

Science – For the fall semester, we will be supplementing our CC science memory work with lessons and activities from Evan Moore Science books for grades 1-3 on Vertebrates, Invertebrates and Plants. We are also planning to raise some tadpoles into frogs and caterpillars into butterflies. We have completed most of our vertebrate unit already as the kids have been begging for more science.

Geography – we will supplement our CC memory work with learning a bit more about the countries we are locating (each week they will work on finding different countries and physical features on their maps and practice tracing them–we are doing Africa and Asia this year). We will also read biographies of missionaries to those countries, and use Window on the World to pray for those countries. We will also eat food from those areas and perhaps watch a travel guide show about some of them. This is not applicable for every week, but several of them.

Fine Arts – through CC we will be working on drawing for the first six weeks and supplementing at home with various activities and lots of time with Ed Emberley’s drawing books. Then we will do music and practice playing tin whistle and reading music (perhaps we will get a keyboard do more with this?), then in the spring we will work on art history and painting along with orchestra and classical music.

Physical Education – we are part of a PE co-op that meets weekly. The kids will also continue with gymnastics for the fall semester.

Scripture Memory – both kids will be memorizing Exodus 20 (the Ten Commandments) with CC. In addition, we have been memorizing a verse a week from My ABC Bible Verses. I really like the applicable stories that go with each verse. Bud practices handwriting by doing copy work for the verse each day. We are also still plugging through some simple catechism work.

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  1. Blair says:

    Glad to hear positive reviews for AAR and AAS! We just bought AAS and I plan to start it with the 2nd grader next week. I got Phonetic Zoo for the 4th grader. Maybe after the chaos and expense of these first few weeks, I’ll buy AAR for the 4yr old! I enjoy reading everyone’s yearly curriculum choices. Hope you have a wonderful homeschool year!