Speedy is 11 Months Old

Eleven months is my new favorite age. Speedy is walking all over the place. He can mostly cross a room, but he often stops to steady himself on furniture halfway. He is steadier and stronger every day, but he is in a big hurry and has many face plants, but he just rolls over and starts up again.

Speedy finally figured out how to swallow finger foods this month. He loves feeding himself and will spend lots of time eating his meals. His favorite foods are soft fruits–bananas, pears, shredded apple, grapes, cantaloupe and melons. He loves diced sweet potatoes, zucchini, squash, broccoli, and whatever meat we are eating for dinner. I just introduced some cheese to him this week, and it was a hit! He also figured out how to drink out of a sippy cup on his own. Hooray!

Speedy got two new top teeth this month, bringing his total tooth count to 6.

Everything on the sleep front is the same as last month–two naps, each about 1.5 hours long and in bed by 7 p.m., up around 7 a.m. (or we have to wake him by 7:30). He still wakes a couple times each night to nurse and back to sleep. He nurses three times during the day plus however many times he wakes in the night.

Speedy is the most happy, smiley baby I have ever seen. He loves being out and about. If I say, “It’s time to go ‘bye-bye,'” he will start shaking his little legs, shrieking and crawling/walking to the door. He loves “wrestling” and tackling pillows and people, playing “baby dentist” where he carefully sticks his fingers in our mouths and checks our teeth, and he loves to play peek-a-boo. He also enjoys closing cabinets and doors, digging through cabinets and climbing into them. He is quite the little dancer and can shake his hiney really well for someone who can barely stand on their own. Any beat–the dishwasher, washing machine, or music gets him going.

He says Mama, Dada, Ya-Ya (big brother), ball, bye-bye, nigh-nigh, yeah!, >hi, and if he sees his big sister, sometimes he says “Eeeessss” for her name. We love our little guy and can’t believe it has been almost a year since he joined our family.

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