June in Our Home

Better late than never, right?

June was filled with fun summer activities for the kids. We went to our fourth annual (so far) Big Rigs event at our local library. As always, there were lots of big trucks, lots of sweat, but no free popsicles this year (but they had free sausage! Yeah!) The kids posed for a few sweet pictures and they each helped operate a backhoe before deciding it was too hot and time to go home. Sugar was cracking me up as she sat in the backhoe helping move the levers and watching the bucket go up and down–her tongue was sticking out of her mouth so far. She was focused!

The kids also took gymnastics lessons after a full year off, and had a blast. Bud was not too keen about taking gymnastics (too girly, he says), but they offered a special “Super Hero Training” class for boys around his age. I love the creativity involved in this class. They wear capes and masks and run around doing obstacle courses and jumping around for an hour. It is great.

Thomas took Sugar on a date to a little Daddy-Daughter “Dance” earlier this month. Bud and I had a special night at home which included painting each other’s faces and playing a ton of games against each other.

Pa surprised Bud with his first BB gun at Sugar’s birthday party. After Speedy went to bed, the rest of us spent many nights having target practice in the backyard.

The garden grew a lot this month and is pretty much covered in vines–sweet potato, cantaloupe and watermelon vines. The tomatoes were covered in stink bugs and we gave up on them. The zucchini and squash all died from squash bug infestations. The bell peppers are growing well, and we planted some new green beans. Summer gardens are my least favorite.

The kids had swim lessons and made lots of progress, and I sewed Sugar a swim cover-up from an old towel. The old towel was quite bulky, so if you decide to make one, I recommend purchasing some terry fabric. Bud also had a paper-airplane making obsession for most of the month.

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