Bud Funnies

Last week, we introduced the big kids to Antiques Roadshow, one of the few shows that Thomas and I watch, though mostly just while folding laundry. I think it stuck around a little more than I realized. Today at gymnastics, Bud got a medal for finishing his first summer session. (They give medals for absolutely nothing these days.) He was wearing it around his neck, flipping it back and forth with his hands, and very seriously asked, “Can we stop on the way home and get this appraised?”

On the way to swim lessons this morning, the local news on the radio was talking about a robbery of $90,000 worth of rims and hubcaps in a neighboring town that was caught on surveillance footage, but there were still no leads. After it was over, Bud said, “Did you hear that? There is a unsolved mystery! I think I need to go there and crack this case!”

One Response to “Bud Funnies”

  1. leslie ness says:

    Your kids are so fun! I was laughing out loud at Sugar’s 4 year old interview. I love that idea, by the way.

    Have you tried Bumkins bibs (for Speedy the messy eater)? They velcro behind the neck so he might be able to slip it off. But I like them because they have such good coverage that almost nothing gets on their clothes.