Silly Sugar

Sugar has been cracking us up lately. I had to post some of her funny sayings before I rogot (her way of saying forget and forgot).

During Advent, the kids memorized a lot of the Christmas story though Noel Piper’s children’s advent readings each night. One evening, Sugar recited part of it this way, “the emperor manded (commanded) them to go to their own towns (hometowns) to sign up for paying taxis (taxes).”

I overheard her talking to Josiah about who-knows-what at lunch and saying, “that is dis-sick-able and yuckable!”

Thomas took Sugar on a lunch date this week while he was off of work. As they sat down with their food at her restaurant of choice (Rosa’s), he asked her what she would like to talk about. She replied, “It is not polite to talk with our mouths full. We can talk in the car after we eat.” Nice date!

2 Responses to “Silly Sugar”

  1. That is hilarious about her not wanting to talk with her mouth full! Did she wait to talk to him until they got in the car? My kids have said similar things but …they are generally all eagerly trying to talk so much that they forget about the food in their mouths.

    • Rachel says:

      She only waited a few bites before she forgot about her own rule. No, that would have been surprising if she had kept quiet that whole time!