October Books

42. Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns – this was my book club’s book (though I did not attend) for October. The first half of this book was reading deja vu. I think I must have read it sometime before, but I couldn’t remember. It was a bit of a chore to finish, as it lagged quite a bit in the middle, but I really enjoyed it toward the end. Burns’ grandfather character reminded me so much of Gus McCrae in Lonesome Dove (one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite books), even what happens to him, that I thought she might have lifted it from Larry McMurtry. However, her book was published a year before Lonesome Dove, so I guess they are just coincidentally similar.

That’s all I read this month. I got bit by a crafting bug and have been doing that instead of reading. Also, holding a book while rocking and nursing a baby is not so easy as messing around on pinterest on the ipad. Just saying…

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