Useful Links for August 28th through September 15th

  • Food Renegade » Blog Archive » Eating Real Food On A Budget
  • The Farm Blog: Joel responds – The poor people question is the second most frequently asked question
    after "can we feed the world?" So let's
    address it.
  • Greg Mankiw’s Blog: Where’s the beef? – Translation: "I promise to fix the problem. And if I do not fix the problem now, I will fix it later, or some future president will, after I am long gone. I promise he will. Absolutely, positively, I am committed to that future president fixing the problem. You can count on it. Would I lie to you?"
  • Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis: Obama Wins Health Care Debate – In his Speech Obama was critical of the amount Bush spent on the war. Wait a second. Isn't Obama the peace president? If so where are the troops? Obama stated this will not add a penny to the deficit. If so, why do we have a $trillion deficit. The answer is we count only what we want to count. This is a criticism of both parties, not just Democrats.

    Obama reiterated his idea that everyone must participate in a "Government Knows Best" mandate. He did not say what that will mean in terms of costs to generation Y, the Millennials.

    What's clear is generation Y and the wealthy will be subsidizing everyone else in socialized medical scheme. Some will agree with the idea, others not, but Obama pretends the issue isn't there. Obama also pretends this is not socialized medicine.

  • One Man’s Trash … – – Indeed, city officials worked closely with Mr. Phillips in 2004 to set up a recycled building materials warehouse where builders, demolition crews and building product manufacturers can drop off items rather than throwing them in a landfill. There’s no dumping fee and donations are tax deductible because the materials are used exclusively by charitable groups or for low-income housing.
  • Do Jews Have a Divine Right in the Promised Land? :: Desiring God Christian Resource Library – But neither of these Biblical facts leads necessarily to the endorsement of present-day Israel as the rightful possessor of all the disputed land. Israel may have such a right. And she may not. But that decision is not based on divine privilege. Why?
  • ‘Reading Rainbow’ Reaches Its Final Chapter : NPR

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