Useful Links for June 3rd through June 15th

These are some links for June 3rd through June 15th. Enjoy!

  • The Real Sins of Sodom | Cerulean Sanctum
    1. Pride
    2. Excess food
    3. Prosperous ease
    4. Lack of love for the poor and needy
    5. Haughtiness
    6. Practicing an abomination
  • » Blog Archive » On Being Too God-Centered
    – What Bach was able to sign at the end of each piece of music….can it be signed on all of human life? Even what is not religious? What is ordinary? Normal? Merely human? When Piper says we can drink Orange juice to the glory of God, is he opening the door to finding a way for God-centered theologians and preachers to relax about people who want to do dozens and dozens of other things, in their own simple, human way, to the glory of God? My thoughts are incomplete, but important to me at this point in my journey. I believe the glory of God preserves and fills human life with meaning and significance. I do not believe that meaning and significance only comes when we overtly, consciously allow our sense of God to make all things meaningless compared to Him.
  • Perry’s Meddling – “This is likely to touch off speculation, or perhaps I should say more speculation, that the removal of Murano is part of a Plan B strategy for Perry. Plan A is to continue running for governor against Hutchison. But if it looks as if that is not going well — that Perry might lose the primary or even a general election, if the Democrats can field a serious candidate — then Plan B would be for McKinney to do what he said he was contemplating: combine the offices of president and chancellor in the short term and keep a place warm for Perry. “
  • Most important crisis at A&M since Earl Rudder – ” … this crisis is about whether the faculty, staff, students, former students and the broad and diverse community that make up Texas A&M University will allow a handful of politically motivated persons who do not understand their fiduciary duty either to the institution or to the citizens of the state to take over this wonderful, heavy-duty public university – this sacred public trust. If they are successful, Texas and its citizens can kiss a unique American institution goodbye. It will have no chance of ever achieving its vast potential.”

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