Useful Links for July 28th through August 4th

These are some links for July 28th through August 4th. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Useful Links for July 28th through August 4th”

  1. leah wall says:

    re: pray at the pump article.

    the pastor says “the high gas prices are hindering our ministry at the soup kitchen.” so, that part makes sense – that the leaders and pastors of ministries would pray that people would continue to come out to do volunteer work even when it costs a little bit more to drive there…

    however – i seems it is always the case that when ministry is costly many will rationalize the “wisdom” in stopping – viewing it as good stewardship instead of thinking outside the box, carpooling, taking public transportation, ministering in similar ways closer to their home, moving to the poorer community in which they want to serve, or other things…

    i agree that “this speaks volumes about the state of the church in this country.” but i think it is not necessarily the praying at the pump that is the problem – that’s just a weird symptom of the underlying issues we all struggle with…

  2. mandi says:

    ok, what? if politicians can’t lower gas prices then we will ask God? so am i hearing correctly that God is one step under politicians in terms of what he is capable of? and to insert a line about lowering gas prices into ‘we shall overcome’ completely shows a lack of respect for a REAL social injustice! alright, enough ranting. i’m gonna go pray over asking that God will lower the price of chaccos so i can finally own a pair ; )