The Real Thing …

From Andrew Sullivan @ The Atlantic Monthly (The Daily Dish)

(emphasis mine)

… the deeper reason to support Ron Paul is a simple one. The great forgotten principles of the current Republican party are freedom and toleration. Paul’s federalism, his deep suspicion of Washington power, his resistance to government spending, debt and inflation, his ability to grasp that not all human problems are soluble, least of all by government: these are principles that made me a conservative in the first place. No one in the current field articulates them as clearly and understands them as deeply as Paul. He is a man of faith who nonetheless sees a clear line between religion and politics. More than all this, he has somehow ignited a new movement of those who love freedom and want to rescue it from the do-gooding bromides of the left and the Christianist meddling of the right. The Paulites’ enthusiasm for liberty, their unapologetic defense of core conservative principles, their awareness that in the new millennium, these principles of small government, self-reliance, cultural pluralism, and a humble foreign policy are more necessary than ever – no lover of liberty can stand by and not join them.

He’s the real thing in a world of fakes and frauds. And in a primary campaign where the very future of conservatism is at stake, that cannot be ignored. In fact, it demands support.

Go Ron Paul!

Learn more about Ron Paul at

Here’s just one glimpse:

4 Responses to “The Real Thing …”

  1. Thomas says:

    For all you Hucksters out there, you really should read Where Huckabee Loses Me. Increasing government spending and weakening the dollar by extending ourselves with war only diminishes our ability as individuals to respond to the real needs around us and around the world.

  2. D.O. says:

    I second this Ron Paul recommendation, and for those of you with two hours of time and an open mind, may I suggest this film. It’s not so much about Ron Paul as it is about certain important issues that our country is facing, and wouldn’t you know it Ron Paul, in the film, has some good things to say.

  3. D.O. says:

    Oh, and two more things:

    1. The Ron Paul 2008 link in the body of the blog didn’t work.

    2. It’s also worth noting that during the debate shown in that YouTube clip, that Ron Paul stopped talking when the time bell rang. That is more than nearly any of the candidates I’ve seen can boast. Granted, it was just one video. I’m sure he’s over spoken other times. But still, it’s nice.

  4. Rhylan says:

    Good call on Ron Paul. That is my boy.