Contest Winner

After a long wait for snail mail to take it’s course and photos to be taken, the latest Contest Winner is Mr. Greg ‘Gangsta’ Rhodes, of the greater Orlando area. The latest contest featured a well expired DQ coupon on a ‘Malt Shoppe Barbie’. Greg’s guess of G.I. Joe was the closest and he was declared winner on the basis that both were action figures/dolls (serving malts is action, just like killing wounding Dreadnots and/or CobraCon dudes is action too). The toy epoch was the same as well. Below you see Greg enjoying the cool and useful prizes he received – two ‘FingerLights’ and a sweet Robert Plant cassette. The FingerLights come in handy on camping trips when the headlamp fails or late at night for that nightowl reading under the covers. Congratulations Greg! Stay tuned everyone for another contest coming soon…

Greg is the champion, my friends.

3 Responses to “Contest Winner”

  1. Jerod says:

    killer prizes!

  2. Bethany says:

    robert plant is my father

  3. v says:

    baby josiah month 3 photos are cutie patuti