Expiration and a Contest

Don’t you just hate it when you let a coupon you wanted to use expire? We could just kick ourselves – we let a great coupon expire. This one below was in our home on product’s box (hint, it wasn’t food related) – if you can guess what product it was on, you win the contest and a great prize. Get your entries in via the comments by April 1st.

This is DQ Country

17 Responses to “Expiration and a Contest”

  1. Sman says:

    First off, no limit to entries? Couldn’t I just upload the dictionary and win? If I was smarter, I would.

    Second off, I will do one guess and Sharla will do another.

    Third, Steven: fruit-> strawberries

    Four, Sharla: vegetable (though technically a fruit) -> tomato

  2. Thomas says:

    Good point – there will be a limit of two entries per person.  Also, I’ll graciously throw out these two entries since they clearly violate the hint that the product is ‘not food related’.

  3. Erin says:

    That is very generous of you Thomas,
    My first guess: package of diapers
    My second guess: dishwashing detergent

  4. Greg R says:

    On the last G.I. Joe that Thomas (contest over, I win).

  5. Greg R says:

    I forgot the word “bought”, so repost: The last G.I. Joe Thomas bought. Please don’t take my second guess away.

  6. Thomas says:

    Good guesses. I’m shocked and appalled, however, to see that Mr. Rhodes is posting comments from government computers! Ladies and gentlemen, our tax dollars at work. Shame shame. Perhaps Gov Jeb Bush and brother George should be alerted?

    Also, to add to the contest – the winner must agree to our Contest Rules, which, at the moment, only require the winner to submit a photo of themselves using the prize (don’t worry, the prize is not an enema).

    All Things Supercinski employees and family members are not eligble to compete in this contest.

  7. Rachel says:

    Enemas should not be discusssed on our blog! I am shocked!

  8. Jerod says:

    I must defend my crown.

    Guess #1: jigsaw puzzle

    Guess #2: crayons

  9. Greg Rhodes says:

    2nd Entry: A Slip ‘n Slide . . . and all the bureaucrats I work with agree. Now we will get back to running this country and your lives.

  10. D.O. says:


    Guess #1: teddy bear

    Guess #2: Precious Moments Bible

  11. Thomas says:

    Have you ever thought of being a marketing guy, D.O.? The DQ/Precious Moments Bible angle is pure genius. Pure genius, but alas, not correct.

  12. Bethany says:

    it expired in ’94??
    therefore i will guess…#1 a pack of dilly bars & #2 cookies

  13. Aurelie says:

    Here are my guesses, but I don’t want to win b/c I don’t like having my picture taken. :)
    #1: a board game (do I need to be more specific?)
    #2: a water gun (one of those super-soaker things)

  14. Vanessa says:

    you know those toys that are kinda like legos, but they have the pointy things all over them to attach them to each other…it’s from that box.

  15. Sman says:

    No winners yet?

    My two submissions, since I can now read good.

    Since DQ is pretty much it’s own company (it’s parent company is Interantional Dairy Queen), there is no chance of any kind of cross-promotion going on. Thus, the answer is completely random. Therefore, the answer must be: bottle rockets or tube socks.

  16. Jonathan says:

    1- Ninja turtle package (probably Rafeal)
    2- Kiddy Pool