Byte bites the dust

After struggling through the night of May 13th and the morning hours of May 14th, Byte Supercinski was laid to rest today in an emotional ceremony with family and friends at his side. Byte sustained mortal injuries after an escape from the friendly confines of his bowl he once shared with his swimming companion, Giga.

Initially, investigators suspected foul play by an angry band of hummingbirds who frequent a feeder near Byte’s bowl. After careful consideration, however, the hummingbirds were ruled out as investigators realized the birds did not have the ability or motive to open the sliding glass window separating the two and remove Byte from the bowl.

Greg Bonthrace, Senior Icthologist, noted, “Byte was a healthy, fun-loving fish prior to the injuries sustained during his tumble from the bowl and off the desk to the floor far below. Byte was, like so many fish, one with few words, and so his apparent depression and suicidal ideations had gone unnoticed by his family. Had we known something sooner, perhaps this tragedy could have been avoided with a simple screen over the bowl. We will miss his gentle spirit.”

Byte joined the Supercinski family as a result of the Meeks wedding in late March, 2005, and quickly won the hearts of visitors and kin alike. He brought several months of joy to those he knew, “He was always a good fish, never did he fight with his brother or complain,” said Byte’s adoptive mother, Rachel. Thomas, Byte’s adoptive father, choked with tears, replied, “No comment.”

Byte is survived by his adoptive parents, Thomas and Rachel Supercinski, his brother Giga, and many friends. In leiu of flowers, please send donations or flakes to the “Take a Byte out of Crime” Foundation.

Grieving Parents

Byte's Grave

8 Responses to “Byte bites the dust”

  1. PT says:

    its moments like these where everyone is reminded how fragile life is….my condolences….and everyone tell someone you love them…you just never know when they will leave the big fish bowl of life…

  2. Bethany says:

    you guys really seem to have to much time on your hands…jk, i love this stuff and enjoy that you kids are having fun together despite your recent loss!

  3. D.O. says:

    I’m at a loss… I do wish I were still in College Station so I could attempt to bring comfort to your mourning household… The three of you are constantly in my thoughts… sometimes.

  4. Sman says:

    It’s a fish! Get over it! Geez! I could understand if it were a hamster or ferret, but c’mon, it’s a fish!

  5. Oren says:

    In the sentimental words of that classic movie Dumb and Dumber, “Life’s a fragile thing Har…one minute your eating a burger and the next minute you’re dead meat.” We mourn with you and long for the day when fish will die no more.

  6. Jerod says:

    Take a Byte out of crime? Sounds like a scam to me. I ain’t sending anything.

  7. Linda says:

    Oh the memories! —- Really, when you saw Byte was struggling, you should have followed my Blue’s demise by freezing (RIP 1997-2001). It is much more humane and was special since it was in that little icebox freezer near Oren’s and/or Thomas’ office.

  8. E Mc says:

    I never even knew Byte…and now he is gone. This has served as a wake up call. I can no longer let the thousands of miles separation be an excuse that keeps me from knowing my friends’ fish. Giga, here I come!